High Concentration Ozone Generator


The HCZ series is a high concentration type ozone generator. It has equipped an air-cooled plate type discharge ozone generation chamber. With the built-in high efficiency low  pressure type PSA oxygen generator, the standard wall mount type, HCZ-450A, HCZ-600A and HCZ-900A can generate the ozone output from 45 g/hr. to 90 g/hr. with ozone concentration up to 8% by wt.

The design of HCZ series cabinet floor mount type is according to compact, durable, user friendly, easy to install and service. Thus, the ozone generating chamber and the PSA oxygen generator were housed inside an attractive stainless steel cabinet and easy to be floor mounted. The easy opening of front panel and side doors of each block make it easy in service and maintenance.

All the control and indicating lights were placed on the front control panel. Operator can easily read out the oxygen flow rate, compressed air feed pressure, ozone chamber back pressure and DC reference meter in order to knowing the status of ozone output. The capacity and concentration of the output ozone can also be adjusted by the 0-100% variable output control and the knob of the oxygen flow meter.

The compact, module block design, reliable, high efficiency, high concentration, maintenance free and competitive price features make it superior to others in the market. It has been mostly used in Water Bottling Plants, Soft Drink and Brewery Water, Swimming Pool and Spa, Meat and Vegetable Processing.

Cabinet Floor Mount Enclosure

Stainless steel cabinet floor mountable enclosure
Air cooled plate type discharge ozone generation chamber
High frequency solid state electronic power supply
Built-in internal PSA oxygen generator
S/S 316L fitting with Teflon Tubes for ozone contact
Feed air filter with drain
Internal power ON/OFF solenoid valve
Internal over temperature shut off control
Door safety switch



Variable 0-100% ozone output control

LED ozone output indicate

0-5 VDC ozone output reference meter
Individual block ON/OFF switch

Compressed air feed pressure gauge

Ozone chamber back pressure gauge

Oxygen flow meter

Optional external control